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Tips for Hosting an Easter Egg Hunt

One of my favorite parts of Easter (besides preparing the brunch, of course 🙂 ) is the Easter egg hunt! There is always so much excitement and laughter as the kids run around the backyard collecting all of their eggs, so let’s make it the best Easter egg hunt possible this year! Check out our tips below for creating the perfect Easter egg hunt!


Determine the Type of Eggs – Depending on your preference, you may want to use reusable eggs filled with candy or other prizes, or home-dyed hard boiled eggs. The plastic eggs are super cheap and can easily be used over many years. The main downside to using decorated hard boiled eggs is that they may rot if they are not found right away.


Prepare the Eggs -If you are using the reusable eggs, be sure to stuff them a couple of days in advance. You will have enough to do the day before in preparation for your Easter meal or the Easter bunny, so get this out of the way early. Stuff the eggs with a variety of candy types including Jelly Beans, SweetTarts, and Robin Eggs! If you want to mix up your Easter egg hunt a little bit, have a couple special eggs with stars or a special note in them that gives the finder a bigger prize!

Make sure you have enough eggs for each kid. Nobody likes a hunt that ends too quickly! Allow about 20 eggs per child.


Hide the Eggs – Always allow a bit more time than you think to hide the eggs. If your hunt is early in the morning when the kiddos wake up, hide the eggs the night before assuming weather allows 🙂 Otherwise wake up a little bit earlier, or have someone entertain the kids while you hide them!


Hide the Eggs According to Age – Make the hunt age appropriate by hiding the eggs based on the child’s height and abilities. If you have younger kids (usually under 3), place the eggs in plain sight and just spread them out on the ground. Kids ages 4-7 may be ready for spots that are a bit more out of the way such as in bushes, near trees, in pots, etc. Have fun finding creative and tricky spots for the older kids such as in trees, behind bushes, in drains, etc.


Easter Baskets – Make sure every kid has an Easter basket or bag to collect their eggs.


Make the Rules – Point out the boundaries of the search to the kids, so they don’t go on a wild goose chase! If you want to differentiate eggs between kids, color code them so different age groups pick up certain colors.

Enjoy! – Sit back and watch the kid’s enjoy the hunt! Take lots of pictures so the memories last a lifetime!


Do you have any other fun tips for hosting an Easter egg hunt? I would love to hear about your family’s traditions!

Happy Easter!