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How to Create the Perfect Mimosa Bar!

How to Create the Perfect Mimosa Bar


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Mimosas are the perfect addition to any brunch or bridal shower! Such a simple cocktail, yet it is so fun and a total crowd pleaser! 

Mimosas consist of an equal part of champagne and citrus juice and then topped with a little fresh fruit. Of course there is the classic mimosa with champagne and orange juice, but there are so many fun ways to spice it up a bit and make your mimosa bar a little more unique!

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Start by considering how many people you want your mimosa bar to serve. I usually yield about 8 servings per champagne bottle. Then select an assortment of juices. Orange juice is always a necessity, but instead of buying multiple orange juices, mix it up a little and add some other types of juices. Pomegranate, raspberry, blueberry, limeade, and grapefruit juice all make beautiful mimosas!

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Presentation is key, so pull out some fun champagne flutes and top your mimosa with some fresh fruit. Sliced oranges, raspberries, lemons, strawberries, and cranberries all make beautiful additions.  Keep Reading!