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How to Infuse Vodka!

My boyfriend and I recently discovered a spicy jalapeño vodka drink at a local restaurant, and we have been determined to learn how to recreate it so we can serve it at our own dinner parties. It has been so much fun experimenting with different types of ingredients and really transforming this cocktail into our own. We messed around with different jalapeño muddling techniques and adding different types of peppers, but what finally really made the difference was infusing the vodka with jalapeños.

Since this little experiment, we have been infusing vodka with all different types of fruits, peppers, and spices to give our own unique spin to some of our favorite cocktails.

infusion pic

We used to go to cocktail bars and read the cocktail menus and think there was no way that we could reconfigure these drinks at home since most of them involved self-infused vodkas. Infusing liquor seemed so formal and fancy to me that I didn’t think it was something we could easily do…but boy was I wrong! Infusing vodka is seriously so simple and just involves 5-10 minute prep time and a few days of infusion…then voila…you have your own personally infused vodka that will last for years! (or minutes since it’s so tasty!)

Infusing vodka involves just a few easy steps:  Keep Reading!