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Sunday Morning Brunch Party!

One of my favorite traditions that my friends and I started post college was Sunday night “family dinners.” I started to realize after graduation how hard it was to get everyone together in one place on a regular basis. Between all of our work and travel schedules, it is hard to have a regular Friday night dinner or weekly happy hour, so we started doing Sunday night dinners since it always seems to be a quieter night for people.

Unfortunately, during the summer months, Sunday night dinners have slowed as many of us have been gone for summer vacations and such, so I decided to host a Sunday brunch to get everyone back together.  Here’s the delectable menu and spread we had for a party of about 15 people: 

Menu and Recipes:

Food: Cheesy Bacon Quiche || Pancake Kabobs || Creme Brulee French Toast || Apple Cinnamon French Toast || Breakfast Potatoes

Drinks: Mimosa Bar || Bloody Mary Bar

Chalkboard Menu 6

The thing about brunch parties is that you either have to wake up super early or do some major prep the night before. I am not the biggest morning person, so I definitely prefer the night before prep. This menu was easy to make beforehand, and, if you do it right, it looks like you have been awake for hours by the time your guests arrive.  Keep Reading!