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How to Create the Perfect Fall Hostess Gift!

If you are looking for a cute hostess gift to bring to Thanksgiving dinner or a fun party, we’ve got you covered! These adorable DIY pumpkin flower arrangements are the perfect fall hostess gift, incorporating the number one fall essential (a pumpkin, of course!) and seasonal flowers!

The Perfect Fall Hostess Gift!

These are SO easy to make, yet look so professional and thoughtful! Follow these quick and easy steps and you have got yourself the perfect hostess gift that’ll be sure to impress!

1. Start by picking out a small “pumpkin pie” sized pumpkin (that’s what they call them at the store) and seasonal flowers. I usually like to get an assortment of oranges, yellows, and reds for fall, plus a little bit of greenery for the base of the arrangement. If you are just buying these in your local grocery store, one bouquet is usually enough, but I tend to buy two so I can have some more diversity in colors. You’ll also need a small block of floral foam, which you can buy at Michael’s or your local craft store.

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