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Hot Chocolate Mason Jars

Hot Chocolate Mason Jar - Mix and Recipe

With Christmas in less than a week, I have been rushing around finishing all of my last minute Christmas shopping and decorating. I’ve been checking thing after thing off my list, but I have one last gift to make! Gifts for my colleagues and neighbors! I like to hand make these types of gifts because it gives them a little bit more of a personal touch and shows that I put more thought and love into each one.

This year, I decided to make these adorable mason jar hot chocolate mixes! We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you with these cute printables, so all you need is some craft paper, a printer, and the hot chocolate ingredients and you have yourself the perfect little gift! Plus, they are super affordable and only take 10 minutes to assemble, which is always a bonus!

Hot Chocolate Mason Jar - Hot Chocolate Recipe Card

In order to assemble these, all you need is one pint sized mason jar, 6 tablespoons of powdered creamer, 6 tablespoons of powdered milk, 6 tablespoons of powdered sugar, 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder, 2 tablespoons of milk chocolate chips, 2 tablespoons of chopped candy canes, and ½ cup of mini marshmallows.

Hot Chocolate Mason Jar - Cocoa Powder

Hot Chocolate Mason Jar - Powdered Milk

Hot Chocolate Mason Jar - Powdered Sugar

Hot Chocolate Mason Jar - Chocolate Chips

Layer the powdered ingredients in the bottom of pint sized mason jar and then add the chocolate chips and candy canes. Finally top with the marshmallows, add the lid, and tie on the printable recipe and instructions with a festive ribbon! And there you go! The perfect, affordable, and thoughtful gift for all your friends, neighbors and colleagues!

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Hot Chocolate Mason Jars
Serves 2
The perfect homemade holiday gift for your friends and neighbors!
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Prep Time
10 min
Prep Time
10 min
  1. 1 pint sized mason jar
  2. 12 inches ribbon, string, or twine
  3. 6 tbs powdered creamer
  4. 6 tbs powdered milk
  5. 6 tbs powdered sugar
  6. 3 tbs cocoa powder
  7. 2 tbs milk chocolate chips
  8. 2 tbs candy canes, chopped
  9. ½ cup mini marshmallows
  1. Layer the powdered ingredients in the bottom of a pint sized mason jar. Add the chocolate chips and candy canes and then top with the mini marshmallows to fill the jar.
  2. Seal the jar with the lid and attach the printable recipe tag (linked above) with a ribbon.
  3. When ready to enjoy, remove the marshmallows from the jar and set aside. Boil 2 cups of water and add the remaining ingredients to the pot. Mix until fully combined.
  4. Pour the hot chocolate into two mugs and top with marshmallows! Enjoy!
Adapted from Love Grows Wild
Adapted from Love Grows Wild
The Everyday Hostess http://www.theeverydayhostess.com/

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