Wedding Wednesday: Review of Bells and Barbells

Hey Wedding Wednesday friends! If you stopped by our Wedding Wednesday post last week, you read our interview with Katherine Bahlburg, owner of Bells and Barbells, which is the wedding focused fitness program here in Dallas.

Dang, ladies, I can’t tell you enough about how she and her team have completely changed the wedding planning season for me!

I started going to B&B because I wanted to find a program that was more tailored to me and would help with injury prevention while also helping me tone my body. Plus, what a huge perk to be working with trainers who are focused on my wedding and customize my workouts to my shower dates, photo sessions, and my dress! What more could a future bride want?!

Prior to starting the program, I had read and heard so many wonderful things about Katherine and the success of her program, so I decided to sign myself up! And honestly – anything that got me out of bed at 6 a.m. to work out would have been considered a win for me, but her program has proven to be so much more.

First of all! Katherine and her team are not just another training center. They have an incredible personal touch that helps everyone to succeed. Upon consultation, I talked to Katherine about my goals, my diet, my current workout regimen, my fitness injuries, and of course my wedding date, dress fittings and bridal shoots, so she could see how to focus my fitness plan. Every time I come in and work with her or one of her trainers, she already has a personalized plan for me for the day that addresses a specific injury or body part that I need to work on. No workout is the same and I can always tell how much time and energy they put into my personal plan. And that is just the start of the personalization that Katherine and her team offer!

Despite having a full portfolio of brides and grooms that she manages, Katherine texts me every Sunday to make sure that I have set my goals for the week, gone grocery shopping and created my meal plan, and then always checks in with me during the week to see how everything is going. How she keeps up with all of us is really beyond me, but that’s what makes this company so special! They are right there by my side the entire time, and this friendship and motivation helps all of her clients stay on track. Keep Reading!

Valentine’s Day Tablescape

Where has this year gone?! I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is just a few short days away! As you all know, this year is just absolutely crazy getting ready for our wedding in June, plus my best friend is getting married a couple weeks after us, so we are filled to the brim with exciting wedding prep and parties!

With showers and meetings galore, I have to admit, our Valentine’s Day celebrations are not as elaborate as they have been in years past (remember our Valentine’s Brunch last year?). This year we are taking it a little bit slower and enjoying an intimate dinner for two at home, which is actually perfect since we have been running, running, running so much. I’m really looking forward to a quiet night at home with my fiance.

To create a quiet and more relaxed environment, I wanted a formal and classic dinner table set up this year. I started with a sweetheart table dressed in a white tablecloth with pink and gold accents. Once I set the table, it just looked too plain to me, SO, I employed my new favorite dinner party trick! I found the cutest gold lip wrapping paper (yes, wrapping paper!) from Swoozies and cut it into the shape of my table and used that as the table topper! It put a whole new spin on my table and was exactly what I was looking for! It took literally no time to set the table, but the patterned wrapping paper gave it a very intentional and styled look.

Does this not just completely change the look?! I am so thrilled with how it turned out. It still looks formal and more traditional, but has a certain pop to it that really brings the whole table to life!

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Fitness

Happy Wedding Wednesday! If you’re like me, you’ve probably read up on a lot of different beauty regimens throughout the planning process and probably put in a few extra hours at the gym to try and look your absolute best for the big day! Besides the monthly facials and hair appointments, one aspect that I have really tried to focus on is fitness.

So if you’re in the DFW area, listen up! I have found the perfect wedding-focused fitness program that is customized to you and solely focused on your wedding fitness goals! What more could a future bride (or groom) want?!

Bells and Barbells is a Dallas-based fitness program owned by Katherine Bahlburg, who by the way, is crazy accomplished and has over 13 years of experience as an athlete, coach and trainer across the country (read more about her here)! Her company is 100% centered around your wedding and your health and fitness goals, which is perfect for the bride and groom looking for a tailored wedding program.

Katherine is revolutionizing the wedding fitness world, as there’s literally no other company like hers in the world. So local gals – you’re in luck! To get to know her better and learn more about her life changing program (seriously! Read my personal account here), I have sat down with Katherine to ask a few questions!

1. How did you start Bells and Barbells and how long have you owned your company?

I started Bells And Barbells a little under two years ago. Bells And Barbells came out of an idea and a desire to work with women that were driven and goal oriented. I wanted to create something unique and something that had never been done before, and I wanted to do it in such a way that the business would help fill in all of the gaps/missing links and lack of services commonly found in the fitness world. I wanted to create a full service wedding focused fitness business where brides can go to not only get into the best shape of their lives but to also be surrounded by a fun and exciting environment that also holds them accountable and eases the stressors of wedding planning.

2. What sets Bells and Barbells apart from other personal training studios? Keep Reading!

What to Wear: Valentine’s Day Date!

Okay, Ladies! Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day this year with your leading man or your favorite gal pals, it’s time to find that perfect eye-catching outfit!

To help with this year’s shopping, I’ve done a round up of some of my favorite flirty looks that are sure to turn heads! Happy Shopping!

Favorite Cake Stands

Okay my sweet bakers, this one’s for you!

Cakes are my absolute favorite dessert to bake and decorate. Not only are they delicious, but they can be true works of art depending on how you design and display them. I am a true believer that presentation is key, so the best way to top off any perfectly baked cake, or any dessert really, is with a gorgeous stand!

Take a look and shop some of our favorite cake stands on the market right now!

Wedding Wednesday: How to Choose Your Wedding Venue

Happy Wedding Wednesday! With the new year in full swing, many brides are kicking the planning process into high gear for their summer and fall weddings and making all those final big decisions. Besides the budget and guest list, one of the first decisions that needs to be made is the wedding venue!

The venue will determine the date based on their availability and then will help all those other wedding day details (style, formality, color, decor) fall into place! So what should you look at and think about as you are touring all those venues trying to pick the perfect place?! Here is the beginner’s guide to help you get started!

Photography by Lane Dittoe


Location, location, location. Consider the distance and the travel costs you and a majority of your guests will have to get to the venue. Is there a certain city that is meaningful to you and your fiance? What will the weather look like in that particular location in your desired wedding month?


You should have a general idea of the style, theme, and tone of your wedding before your reserve your venue. If you know you want a modern glam wedding, you may want to look into a sleek contemporary hotel ballroom or museum rather than a renovated barn. If you want a nautical-themed wedding, a harbor will better match your style than a wedding mill. We personally are going for a mountain elegant theme, so we chose a lodge styled venue at a ski resort.


If you have a certain theme, style, or color palette in mind, make sure the coloring of the venue reflects or enhances your theme. They don’t have to match exactly, but you don’t want the walls, curtains, carpets, etc. to conflict with your style. For example, dated curtains can really clash with a modern and contemporary vibe.

Rosewood Mansion | Photography by f8 Studio


Create a general guest list before your venue search to ensure the room is large enough to accommodate the number of people on your guest list. You don’t want to book a venue that only holds 75 for a seated dinner when you have 200 on your guest list, and you also don’t want a venue that holds 400 when you only want to invite 75 because it will look empty!

Don’t forget to factor in space for the dance floor, bars, food stations, or buffet tables if these are elements you will be incorporating into your wedding. Often times, (and this is the situation in our case actually) if your guest list is close to the max capacity of the venue, you have to do a seated dinner because there is not enough space for buffet tables or stations. So just keep that in mind as well if the food service presentation is important to you.

Aria in Minneapolis, Minnesota | Photo courtesy of Aria

Designated Areas

Ask the venue for a typical layout of the space for weddings. There should be logical places for the bars, tables, food, dancing, DJ/band etc. so the space doesn’t feel cluttered. Also, avoid venues with odd-shaped rooms so that it doesn’t mess with the flow of the wedding. Keep Reading!

2016 Highlights

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fabulous New Year’s Eve with your friends and family!

New Year’s Eve is my favorite party of the year, as Landon and I host our annual NYE Fondue Dinner Party! This year was a bit trickier now that we are in a smaller apartment, but if you checked out our Instagram story, you saw how we transformed our 700sf apartment and hosted a formal sit down dinner party for 20. (Yes, that did involve removing all furniture from our house and either cramming it in our closet or storing it in the hallway- sorry neighbors!) Logistical issues aside, this was absolutely our most successful fondue party yet, filled with delicious food, wonderful company, and lots of love and laughter.

Now, I could not be more thrilled that 2017 is here because this is the year that we get married!!! We are officially on the 5 month countdown, and I have no doubt that this will be the best year of our life!

But of course, we can’t forget to thank 2016 for all the incredible memories and times we had! Starting with our engagement (YAYAY!) and of course all the success with the blog and the fabulous parties that we were able to throw.

Though it’s super hard to narrow down, I wanted to highlight some of the top moments and posts from 2016 (in chronological order)!

  1. Kate Spade Valentine’s Day Party and Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

We started off the year with two incredible styled shoots. Our Valentine’s Day brunch with Kate Spade that I got to enjoy with fiance and future in-laws and our Alice in Wonderland Tea Party with Holiday Warehouse. Both shoots helped start the year off with a bang and allowed us to work with a team of incredible people.

2. IBB Design Collaboration

One of my favorite teams to collaborate with this year was IBB Design. If you haven’t checked out their store or their magazine, definitely do so! I had the great honor of being published in both their summer edition about How to Host a Summer Soiree and winter edition about How to Host a NYE Dinner Party this year.

The Everyday Hostess and IBB at Home Summer Soiree

3. We Got engaged!

The absolute highlight of this past year, and my entire life, was our trip to Nashville in June where Landon proposed! It was the most incredible day of my life and I am so beyond honored to get to spend the rest of my life with him. Check out the full proposal story here!

4. Wedding Wednesday Series

With the start of our wedding planning journey, we started a Wedding Wednesday Series to document the process and everything that we are learning along the way!

5. Geode Styled Shoot in BONT

In September, we collaborated with a showstopping team on a Geode Styled Wedding Shoot at the Dallas Quarry, which was featured in Brides of North Texas Magazine (BONT)! This was my first time being featured in BONT, and needless to say I am still in shock!

6. Fall Inspired Brunch

One of my best “friendors” Lindsay of Lindsay Davenport Photography asked me to collaborate with her and style a Fall Inspired Brunch before the birth of her new baby boy! We had so much fun designing and planning this brunch for her 2016 wedding couples and the end result still has me seeing hearts! 

7. LikeToKnowIt!

At the end of November, we got accepted to LikeToKnowIt! Blog wise (that does not include getting engaged!), this is 100% the highlight of my year! Being accepted into this program has been one of my main goals since starting our blog in 2015. We can now share easily shoppable links to all of our favorite products and party decor with you on the blog, and if you sign up for LikeToKnowIt, you will receive your favorite products directly to your inbox when you like our posts on Instagram! 

8. Christmas Winter Wonderland 

To cap the year off, and for the second year in a row, I partnered with Holiday Warehouse to share our tips and tricks for Decorating the Perfect Christmas Tree. This is always one of my favorite shoots and posts of the year because we get to spend hours at Holiday Warehouse dreaming and looking at all of their gorgeous Christmas decor and then styling our own tree at home! Plus the post was also featured on WFAA!  

Most importantly, we are so grateful for each and every one of you. Thank you for following us and helping us to make our dream a reality. We absolutely love what we do and cannot wait for another spectacular year!

Happy New Year!

How to Host a NYE Dinner Party

As featured in IBB At Home Winter 2016 Edition

Just because you’re done with turkey dinners and gift wrapping, the holiday season isn’t over! The fanciest of them all is circled on my calendar for December 31st! New Year’s Eve is often one of the most lavish nights of the year filled with glamorous parties, glitzy dresses, and festive dinners. Revelers have high expectations for the evening, so I’ve put together these tips and tricks to help ensure your NYE dinner party goes off with a bang!

1. Guest List and Invitations A well-designed invitation gives your guests a glimpse of just how glamorous your NYE party will be. It’s the first chance to sweep them off their feet, so make sure your invitations help portray the elegance and experience you want to create.

2. Location – New Year’s Eve calls for opulence and grandeur. The best way to set your NYE party apart is through a swanky location. I love the idea of a rooftop dinner party with a show-stopping skyline view to really wow your guests, but if that’s not in the cards for you, think of these non-negotiables: extra space for mingling, a TV screen for the NYE broadcast, and a visible clock for the countdown!

3. Decor – Decorations set the ambience and formality for the entire evening, and it’s impossible to go over the top on New Year’s Eve. It’s a night that calls for all things glittered, sparkly and metallic. The most popular color palettes seen in NYE decor is black, gold, silver and white. If you want to go somewhere in between, I love champagne and pewter tones, or if you want a pop of color, emerald is the perfect hue to pull in!

4. Menu – By the time NYE rolls around, many of us have already been cooking and hosting so many holiday dinners, that it’s nice to keep the menu simple! For this reason, I love serving a variety of cheese, meat, and chocolate fondues. It’s a great, interactive way to involve your guests and minimize the prep work on your end, plus it also provides hours of entertainment for your guests! If you want to add an extra special touch, create personal menus for each guest that correlates with the invitation you sent out!

5. Champagne Bar – NYE is not complete without some bubbly, so be sure to stock up on extra champagne for your soirée! Design a “Pop Fizz Clink” bar to display a signature cocktail as well as a selection of champagnes for your guests!

6. Countdown Plan – The countdown to midnight is often what guests look forward to the most! What is better than ringing in the new year with your special someone and enjoying a midnight kiss? Create something memorable for the moment and make sure to announce the countdown with a microphone. Pass out party hats, horns, confetti, sparklers, or even arrange or a big balloon drop!

Finally, relax and celebrate with your guests! This is your last big gathering of 2016. Grab yourself a glass of champagne, enjoy that extra strawberry dipped in chocolate fondue, and reminisce about all that 2016 had to offer.

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Photography by Lindsay Davenport Photography

Styling and Planning: The Everyday Hostess

Straws/Straw Flags/Napkins: Sequins and Lipstick

Invitations and Menus: Amazing Design Studio

Calligraphy Bar Sign: Slinging Inks of Bella Grafia, Inc.

Festive Christmas Tablescapes

If you read our Christmas Tablescapes Round-up last year, you know how much I absolutely LOVE setting the table for Christmas! I love designing tablescapes on normal days, but Christmas is a whole other ballpark! 😍 I could spend days perusing Pinterest looking for ideas and unique themes to incorporate into my holiday scape!

So! I decided to share the wealth of my endless Pinterest stalking, and gathered some more of my favorite festive holiday tablescapes to help inspire your Christmas decor this season as well!

Crate + Barrel

 Jane Can…

 Inspired by This

 Lauren McBride

 Vignette Design

 Pier One

 Home Talk

 Kelley Nan

 The Magic Brush

 The White Buffalo Styling Co

 100 Layer Cake

Holiday Christmas Spotlight with JORD Wood Watches

Christmas is quickly approaching and we’re down to the wire to finish all that shopping! If you’re like me, you probably have that annual ambition of getting the shopping done early so you can actually enjoy the whole season. However, no matter how hard you try, there is that one gift or person that you leave to the last minute because you can’t think of JUST the perfect thing! Anyone with me?!

I’m definitely in that boat again this year, and I finally discovered the PERFECT gift! Boy, girl, husband, mother, father in law, no matter who it is – this JORD Watch is what you are looking for!  Keep Reading!