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Valentine’s Day Baking Essentials

Growing up my mom always put together a grand display at the breakfast table on Valentine’s Day morning. My siblings and I always loved waking up to a decorated table of sweet treats, little gifts and cards, and all the heart shaped breakfast items possible. Still to this day my mom sends me a Valentine’s Day package with some of these same goodies – lots of times including heart shaped cookie cutters and molds like these so I can make the same items in my house!

So to help with your special Valentine’s Day meal prep this year, we’ve done a round up of all our favorite Valentine’s Day baking essentials! Whether you’re celebrating with your kiddos or your honey, these are sure to bring an extra festive flare to your meal!

Ps – If you’re making waffles with this heart shaped waffle maker, be sure to check out these red velvet waffles to go with it!


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