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Wedding Wednesday: Fitness

To all our future brides out there – this one is for you! We are thrilled to be partnering with Katherine from Bells and Barbells again for this edition of Wedding Wednesday! (PS- If you missed your last couple posts about the power house over at B&B, be sure to check out our posts here and here!)

Today we are talking all about the Top 5 Overall Full Body Exercises to help you crush your wedding day fitness goals! So if you have a wedding coming up or are looking for a little variety to your current workout, jump right in with us! So without further ado, take it away Katherine!

Bells and Barbells Top 5 Overall Full Body Exercises:

1) Thrusters – If you are looking to tone your shoulders, define your mid-line while torching calories and building a bodacious booty and quads, this exercise will become your new best friend!
Instructions: You can use a SandBag, Barbells, KettleBell(s) or DumbBells which makes adding this workout into your routine a breeze although it won’t feel that way about 5 reps in BUT it’s totally worth it! #crushitladies!
You are basically performing a proper squat (make sure to stay in your heals and push knees out) while holding weighted object(s) at chest and then driving that object(s) overhead using the momentum generated from coming out of the low squat position. #weddingdressgoals
2) Burpees–  A girl’s best friend!  This exercise is great because you can literally perform it anywhere and anytime. The beach, your apartment….get after it mama! You only live once and you’ve got once gorgeous body to rock! Tip* Do a set of 5-10 after each set of weights you perform in the gym to keep your heart rate up and add an extra challenge. 
3) Rowing- This is a great cardio movement if you can find access to a rower at your local gym or Bells and Barbells studio.  It’s important to keep your each stroke/pull long and to use your legs in combination with your arms. Rowing is 60% Legs which most people aren’t aware of and it really makes a difference in the efficiency of your stroke.
4) Turkish Get-Up- This movement can be tricky to learn at first but once mastered, it can really take your coordination and core game up a notch! Most important thing to keep in mind while performing the movement is to make sure your arm stays locked as you hold the weight overhead and to pause at each change in the movement as you gradually go from a laying to a standing position.
5) Kettle Bell Swing- This is another one of my favorites because it does a fabulous job of challenging your booty along with the above exercises but can also help you strengthen your back, core, glutes and hamstrings. Most important thing to know when performing this movement is to make sure you only hinging at the hips in order to gain momentum with your swing and not squatting. I have seen so many incorrect variations of this movement so make sure you are keeping the bell close to your groin when swinging and to never over extend your back by engaging your glutes properly. 

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