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Wedding Wednesday – Our Proposal Story

Today is the very start of a new fabulous series that I am SO excited about! WEDDING WEDNESDAY!!!

Yes, it certainly is wedding season, so it’s fitting, but the real reason I am starting it this year is because…

Landon and I just got engaged!!!!

The Everyday Hostess Engagement - Kate Jolliffe and Landon Haaf Proposal

We are over the moon happy and so excited to be starting this next chapter of our lives. Thank you to all of you who have sent us such sweet words with your love and support. We are so grateful.

To start off Wedding Wednesday, I thought it would be most fun to start with our proposal story! So here goes!

Landon surprised me with a birthday trip to Nashville (my favorite city ever!) and while I, of course, wondered if this could be THE weekend, I naturally talked myself out of it. So I went thinking this would be an incredible weekend filled with fun tourist activities, hiking, and naturally lots of country bars with good cocktails and dancing. Little did I know it would be the most amazing and incredible weekend of my life.

We spent the first day walking around and exploring the city and all the hot tourist spots. Landon had never been to Nashville before, so it was fun showing him around this lively city.

The second day, we decided to take the scenic route down to Franklin (if you haven’t been, go! It’s just the cutest little town with a picturesque Main Street and some incredible art festivals!) via the Natchez Trace Parkway. Of course we stopped at Loveless Cafe, because how do you go all the way down there and not stop for their world famous biscuits?! We continued down the parkway checking out the beautiful views and stopping at all the overlooks.

We finally came upon a map, which led us to Jackson Falls. We planned on making a sort of “nature walk” part of our outdoorsy day, so this was the perfect spot! We strolled down the paved walkway to an absolutely gorgeous waterfall where kids were playing, sliding down the natural rocks, and enjoying their picnic lunch with their parents. Landon was looking for a quieter and more remote location (little did I know it was so he could propose!) so we walked back out and hiked to the other overlook at the top of the trailhead. We arrived at Duck Creek overlook and realized we had already stopped there during our drive so we headed back to the waterfall in hopes of a more solitary environment!

The Everyday Hostess Engagement - Kate Jolliffe and Landon Haaf Proposal

As luck would have it, literally all the families were gone! There were just a few scattered couples but they were all off on their own having their own romantic moments so we felt like we had the serene setting all to ourselves. We sat on a bench overlooking the waterfall and just talked about our relationship and life and how much we loved each other. It was just perfect.

I must have been in my own little world because as we were talking he was setting up a GoPro on the other side of him to capture the next few life changing moments, and I did not even realize it! He then started playing one of our favorite romantic country songs and asked me to dance. Well duhhh! I love to two step, especially with my favorite dance partner. We sang and danced and the moment was just beautiful. The song started to fade and Landon started telling me how much he loved me and got down on one knee and proposed.

The Everyday Hostess Engagement - Kate Jolliffe and Landon Haaf ProposalThe Everyday Hostess Engagement - Kate Jolliffe and Landon Haaf Proposal

It was absolutely perfect and so is he. This was the best moment of my life and of course I cried, said yes profusely, and jumped into his arms. We called our family and friends to share the news from Franklin and spent the rest of the evening celebrating!

The Everyday Hostess Engagement - Kate Jolliffe and Landon Haaf ProposalThe Everyday Hostess Engagement - Kate Jolliffe and Landon Haaf Proposal

To cap off the most incredible weekend EVER, Landon threw a surprise engagement party at our new apartment when we got home the next day. Even my family flew in from Colorado and California to surprise me! It was the absolute best way to top off an amazing weekend and celebrate with our loved ones.The Everyday Hostess Engagement - Kate Jolliffe and Landon Haaf Proposal

Y’all, I am one heck of a lucky girl. We are so excited to be starting this chapter of our lives together and planning our wedding.

Over the next year, I will be sharing our favorite wedding tips and tricks as well as featuring my favorite vendors and companies that we are using for our Colorado destination wedding! I hope you enjoy following us on this adventure and get some good advice and tips for the next big wedding in your life whether it’s your own, your daughter’s, or your friend’s!


PS. Did I mention how lucky I am?! Landon made this amazing video to capture the whole weekend! 😍

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