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Wedding Wednesday: Review of Bells and Barbells

Hey Wedding Wednesday friends! If you stopped by our Wedding Wednesday post last week, you read our interview with Katherine Bahlburg, owner of Bells and Barbells, which is the wedding focused fitness program here in Dallas.

Dang, ladies, I can’t tell you enough about how she and her team have completely changed the wedding planning season for me!

I started going to B&B because I wanted to find a program that was more tailored to me and would help with injury prevention while also helping me tone my body. Plus, what a huge perk to be working with trainers who are focused on my wedding and customize my workouts to my shower dates, photo sessions, and my dress! What more could a future bride want?!

Prior to starting the program, I had read and heard so many wonderful things about Katherine and the success of her program, so I decided to sign myself up! And honestly – anything that got me out of bed at 6 a.m. to work out would have been considered a win for me, but her program has proven to be so much more.

First of all! Katherine and her team are not just another training center. They have an incredible personal touch that helps everyone to succeed. Upon consultation, I talked to Katherine about my goals, my diet, my current workout regimen, my fitness injuries, and of course my wedding date, dress fittings and bridal shoots, so she could see how to focus my fitness plan. Every time I come in and work with her or one of her trainers, she already has a personalized plan for me for the day that addresses a specific injury or body part that I need to work on. No workout is the same and I can always tell how much time and energy they put into my personal plan. And that is just the start of the personalization that Katherine and her team offer!

Despite having a full portfolio of brides and grooms that she manages, Katherine texts me every Sunday to make sure that I have set my goals for the week, gone grocery shopping and created my meal plan, and then always checks in with me during the week to see how everything is going. How she keeps up with all of us is really beyond me, but that’s what makes this company so special! They are right there by my side the entire time, and this friendship and motivation helps all of her clients stay on track.

I’ve only been working out with her team for a month, and I can already tell a difference. First of all, the injuries that have been preventing me from certain types of workouts have improved, which is huge for me. Katherine has tons of experience in mobility and trigger point therapy and this has been so helpful. I’ve also gotten much more comfortable in the gym and know how to use certain types of equipment, and what kind of exercises to do to target certain muscles, and I’ll tell you what – I’ve definitely noticed those tricky underarms and abs are finally starting show some definition (yay for strapless wedding dresses coming up!). And even though I am definitely not a morning person, I have really grown to love my early AM workouts. It’s been so nice to have a built in workout that I cannot miss for my myriad of excuses (insert work obligations, etc.) like I could before with my yoga classes or runs.

If you’re local and looking for a wedding training program, Bells and Barbells is not to be overlooked! Come check it out at their grand opening at her new studio on February 26th!

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