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Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Fitness

Happy Wedding Wednesday! If you’re like me, you’ve probably read up on a lot of different beauty regimens throughout the planning process and probably put in a few extra hours at the gym to try and look your absolute best for the big day! Besides the monthly facials and hair appointments, one aspect that I have really tried to focus on is fitness.

So if you’re in the DFW area, listen up! I have found the perfect wedding-focused fitness program that is customized to you and solely focused on your wedding fitness goals! What more could a future bride (or groom) want?!

Bells and Barbells is a Dallas-based fitness program owned by Katherine Bahlburg, who by the way, is crazy accomplished and has over 13 years of experience as an athlete, coach and trainer across the country (read more about her here)! Her company is 100% centered around your wedding and your health and fitness goals, which is perfect for the bride and groom looking for a tailored wedding program.

Katherine is revolutionizing the wedding fitness world, as there’s literally no other company like hers in the world. So local gals – you’re in luck! To get to know her better and learn more about her life changing program (seriously! Read my personal account here), I have sat down with Katherine to ask a few questions!

1. How did you start Bells and Barbells and how long have you owned your company?

I started Bells And Barbells a little under two years ago. Bells And Barbells came out of an idea and a desire to work with women that were driven and goal oriented. I wanted to create something unique and something that had never been done before, and I wanted to do it in such a way that the business would help fill in all of the gaps/missing links and lack of services commonly found in the fitness world. I wanted to create a full service wedding focused fitness business where brides can go to not only get into the best shape of their lives but to also be surrounded by a fun and exciting environment that also holds them accountable and eases the stressors of wedding planning.

2. What sets Bells and Barbells apart from other personal training studios?

Bells And Barbells is very different from your general personal training studio. We base everything around your engagement timeline, your dress/tux, and provide you with access to discounts at a variety of local businesses and wedding services all while covering everything fitness, health and beauty.

3. How many trainers do you have? What is the benefit of working with different trainers each time?

We currently have four trainers on board and are adding more weekly due to the rapid growth of our company. #smiles #goalcrushing Each of our trainers are very experienced and skilled in a variety of fitness methodologies. We don’t adhere to just one method because nobody fits into the same box. We pride ourselves on being able to create unique and customized fitness and nutrition programs for each and every one of our brides and grooms. I oversee the writing and creation of each client’s program and work with my trainers as a team to find the best and most effective way to motivate them.   We have an open door policy here at B&B and encourage everyone to reach out via text or email anytime day or night with any concerns or questions so that we are able to be there for them 100%.

4. How far in advance should brides start their workout routine before their wedding?

I would recommend at least six months if you’re looking to make a lasting change and not just a quick fix that will quickly fade after you say I do. You need to make the commitment to making a lifestyle change.

5. What is your biggest piece of advice for brides and grooms trying to tone up for their wedding?

The biggest piece of advice that I can give to a bride and groom looking to get fit for their big day is don’t wait  until the last minute and to understand that your health and wellness is super important during this exciting time of your life. You have a lot of things going on in addition to planning the wedding. You probably work a crazy job, you probably have dogs or maybe even children to take care of. Your health is very important and if you want to look and feel amazing on the big day then you need to take care of yourself. I often tell my clients to look at each session as an opportunity to get some personal time in. Take care of themselves so that they feel better when they’re taking photos and doing the dress fittings. Our goal is to not just get you fit but we want to help you have a little fun along the way. Happiness is always the goal 🙂

6. What’s one fitness or nutrition goal every bride or groom should be doing before their wedding?

I would say start picking realistic goals. The hardest thing that someone can do to themselves is by jumping on a crash or fad diet. They often see results within 30 days but then as soon as the diet is over they have no idea how to find a balance in their everyday lives. This makes the results unsustainable and leaves lots of mixed feelings and frustrations because the weight comes back. So the best advice I could give is to eat clean, watch your portion sizes, and try to get out and be active at least 3 to 4 times a week. Take those little steps like walking your dog an extra hour each day, or asking your fiancé to go on a fun camping trip and go hiking. Just try to pick the healthier options. When you are looking for a trainer or gym make sure you do your research because injuries may not always become apparent right away. It often takes a year or two for them to show up and after rehabbing many brides and grooms from said injuries, I know how discouraging it can be to have to go all the way back to square one. But that’s what we do here at Bells And Barbells! We help you avoid that and we give you as much knowledge about FITNESS as NUTRITION as we can because we want you to be as prepared as possible as you go into this exciting new chapter of your life 🙂

7. How do you keep up with all your brides? I’m so impressed with your personal touch and how you are so involved with each bride (emails, texting, etc.). How do you do it?

That’s a great question LOL! I often ask myself that every day. My personal touch comes naturally out of the love I have for my business and the passion behind what it is that I do. I can truly say that, despite the fact that I work crazy hours right now, especially getting this new studio open,  the one thing that is reassuring I guess you might say is the fact that I enjoy spending time with my bride and grooms, as we often become very close friends.

8. What about after the wedding? Can brides still come workout with your team?

Yes! Our retention rate is almost 90%, as the majority of our brides end up joining our Fit Wives Club.  It’s a fun group where most of the girls know each other very well and are able to maintain their results. I also have lots of brides that continue to do private training after the wedding. We pride ourselves in having a variety of options as we want to give the gift of health and wellness to as many amazing brides as we can 🙂

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